Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List: peanut butter = jail, PK tattoos... | Photo of snow covered branches.

“Every life is an experiment and it’s our job to be good experimenters.” ~Two-bit Guru

In this week’s link list: suspicious peanut butter leads to jail time, the best cities for urban forests, how to keep your child from watching too much TV, an unexpected item found in a grave, electronic tattoos for telepathy and telekinesis, and a psychic reveals his tricks.

Who sez they ain’t crazy and nutty in New York? At LaGuardia, a TSA Patriot thinks a passenger’s Crazy Richard’s Totally Natural peanut butter is suspicious. Passenger, in jest, refers to said peanut butter as explosives. Port Authority Officer handcuffs passenger. Passenger spends 25 hours in the slammer where he is served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. On release from the lockup, passenger sues for $5 Million.

Let’s say you want to find an urban forest somewhere. How would you choose the city? With this list you can pare your choices down to 10. Just because New York is one of them doesn’t mean this is a bogus guide or that some TSA goon is going to try to steal your peanut butter.

Here’s a handy guide to keeping your brat away from the TV. You’ll learn about the deleterious results from TV watching and you’ll get a list of 10 tried-and-true methods to keep your little snot-nose away from the television.

You might not believe what British scholars found in two graves at Richard the Lionheart’s favorite castle. In the first grave they found a horse. In the second grave they found what you’re either going to read about here, or possibly wonder for the rest of your life why you didn’t read it when you had the chance. Check out what those British scholars dug at Richard’s digs (Get it?).

If you were sporting an electronic tattoo what do you think you could do with it? How about practice telepathy and telekinesis? Why not?

Here’s a mystical guy in a big white tent, downtown Brussels, who has a psychic sense like none you’ve ever seen before. The details he discovers about his subjects are unbelievable. Of course, there’s a catch.