Archive: March 2013

The Tribe That Hides from Man (1970) A Note of Caution: The indigent subjects of this movie don’t wear clothes, with the exception of those who have been “civilized,” for want of a better word. Expect to experience nudity, although it appears to be the most natural thing. Huh! Also, they have no qualms about […]

Nikola Tesla-The Greatest Mind of All is from the History Channel’s Modern Marvels series. Tesla was a genius, no doubt many years ahead of his time. He invented radio transmission before Marconi, worked with x-rays before Roettgen was granted a Nobel Prize for doing the same, invented radar before others were officially credited, came up […]

No one would be surprised if a movie called Addicted to Plastic was full of unpleasant facts about plastics. Like the fact that a lot of plastic doesn’t get recycled and winds up in one of five garbage zones in the oceans, called gyres. The UN says that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic for […]

Whenever I notice coincidences occurring in my life I pay attention because I believe the universe is giving me a gentle nudge to take a look. My latest series may seem trivial but let’s not forget that the kingdom was lost for want of a horseshoe nail. Who knows what wisdom we lose by not […]

Mind Power – Quantum Communication (1 of 9) by theobservereffect Mind Power – Quantum Communication is a longish movie at 2 1/2 hours, and it might be low-res, and there are some parts that are a bit on the hokey side, so why watch it? Because it’s got a lot of good ideas about consciousness […]

“Every life is an experiment and it’s our job to be good experimenters.” ~Two-bit Guru In this week’s link list: suspicious peanut butter leads to jail time, the best cities for urban forests, how to keep your child from watching too much TV, an unexpected item found in a grave, electronic tattoos for telepathy and […]