I’ve been reading quite a fascinating book lately, Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, by Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D. I don’t recall how I came to buy this book because I’m not big on reading anything that promises to tell me the secrets of. Some of the math in the book was daunting for me, but you can grasp the ideas without grasping the math. An ideal situation, I’d say, although I’ll also say that the book as a whole isn’t an easy read.

In Antigravity, devices are revealed that are not only antigravitical in nature, but once they get going they keep on going. Such devices are defined as demonstrating “overunity.” These devices are not necessarily perpetual motion machines because they are likely drawing energy from somewhere, or so I suspect. It’s not so farfetched that such machines could suck energy out of thin air, or out of subatomic particles, when we consider what nuclear energy can do. While nuclear is dangerous and violent, perhaps we can learn to extract energy in a gentler and safer way.

My interest in the subject derives from concerns about the earth because we in the modern world are tearing up the environment to harvest more and more energy. After all, we have to keep up our frenzied lifestyles, don’t we? If overunity is real, the problem of energy for human use could be solved. If that were the case, we might be able to stop killing each other over resources. What would be the point? We might even decide to abandon our frenetic lifestyles, kick back, relax, enjoy the sunrise. We would be able to trust the abundance of the universe in a concrete way.

Overunity is a debatable topic. There have been enough charlatans who’ve claimed to have made overunity devices who have been exposed. Yet, there are some heavy hitters of science, such as Nikola Tesla, who have invented devices that tend to support the concept of overunity. There is Thomas Townsend Brown who was working on mysterious propulsion devices beginning in his teens in the 1920’s. There is all the activity within the famous and heavily guarded Area 51. There are the leaks that have come out of Area 51 and other secretive government places that tell us something is indeed going on. There is John Searl, who in the 1950’s was apparently making disks that were capable of rising up from the earth, and disappearing into who-knows-where, or perhaps we should say disappearing into God-knows-where, literally.

Searl is still around, surrounded by controversy. I’ve not yet watched the documentary about him and his Searl Effect Generator, but I have watched the above Youtube video on the subject.

Can it be that, in these tumultuous times, humanity is on the verge of technical discoveries that will change everything in a big and positive way? I certainly hope so.