Two-bit Guru | Psychic Experience | Photo of a fortune teller and tarot cards | Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

I don’t consider myself a master of psychic power but I’ve seen enough examples of it within me and within others to know that such awareness is available to all. When any psychic experience occurs, no matter how small, it is a satisfying and even beautiful event.

A short while ago I had a little adventure with charge cards, starting with a phone call early in the week from the credit card people asking me if I’d been traveling recently. This has happened often enough in the past that I knew what was coming and thus it was no shock to me. I hadn’t lost my card and I hadn’t been in Canada but the 12 digits on my credit card had. A new card would soon be on the way.

We planned to go out on Friday night. Although the new card hadn’t arrived I could pay for dinner on a backup card that I seldom use. Hardly had I thought of using the backup, than I had a premonition that the backup card wouldn’t be accepted. My conscious mind rushed in to explain that since the first card had been stolen the ever-alert credit card people might be thinking that the digits on my seldom used backup had been stolen, too. Or, rather, their computers might be thinking that.

The scenario plays out in my head. The waitress politely says that the card won’t go through. I take out a credit card for my business that does go through, and all is well. In my daydream, I make a mental note that when this really happens I have to remember to reimburse the company for a distinctly non-business dinner.

After our meal, the real event played out just as it did in my head, not because of alert credit company computers but because the backup card had expired last year. The replacement card that had been sent was lost, probably somewhere on my desk but I couldn’t find it. A new backup card was issued.

I don’t think there was a plan that I tapped into in my daydream scenario. I think the event happened in the future and I got a glimpse of its unfolding in the present. This is my opinion of course, and it could be that everything is part of a master plan that I’m not comprehending.

Many folks have had such premonitions and the unfolding of events is often dismissed as mere coincidence. I’m fine with “coincidence” but not with “mere.” As our collective wisdom evolves I’d bet that we’ll discover all sorts of things that occur independent of the material world’s cause and effect.

Right now we might have a hard time accepting or explaining these moments out of time, or tapping into other realities, or glimpsing a master plan, or understanding the Akashic Record, but whatever our learning provides I am sure it will be awe-inspiring and beautiful.