Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List: Green Chicago, Will Allen, TV fog... | Photo of a red shed and snow covered trees.

“I know a lot of people who think about meditating when it would be easier to just meditate.” ~Two-bit Guru~

In this week’s link list: Downtown Chicago goes green, Will Allen and urban agriculture in Milwaukee, steampunk computer part art, the discovery of a 12,000 year old archeological site, why watching TV is bad for your mind, and a collective prayer by men to be more sensitive to women.

  • Looking at the environment from many angles these days we often see depressing sights, but not always. This is one of those “not always” times. Take a look at downtown Chicago from the air for 8 pleasantly green surprises.
  • If you’re into green you may be aware of Will Allen, superhero of the inner city in Milwaukee, WI, once a professional basketball player now an advocate for urban agriculture. One article doesn’t do Will Allen justice but it gives you a good glimpse of a man whose heart is in the right place and whose hands are in the soil.
  • What do you get with a moth, buttons, oodles of computer parts, and possibly anything else you can think of? Answer: You get a look at the collages of Finnabair, and a visit to the world of steampunk art.
  • Just when we thought we knew everything about ancient civilizations (haha), a Kurdish shepherd discovers a 12,000 year old archeological site. So far, archeologists have dug for 13 years to unearth 5% of the vast stone structure, and have yet to find a single stonecutting tool. Welcome to the mystery of Gobekli Tepe.
  • Although I believe there are some good things on TV, like the Ancient Aliens series, for the most part I shun the dang thing because it is a mesmerizing influence I can do without. This piece tells you why the evil box is so captivating and why you are made vulnerable by watching it.
  • Spend 2 minutes with a variety of males who express a collective prayer of gentleness and deep feelings, with the undertow that we guys ought to drop the macho baloney and be more sensitive to women.