Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List 60 | Photo of frost on a window in sunlight.

“Why plan to leap when you can just leap, as long as you’re not standing on a cliff.”
~Two-bit Guru~

In this week’s link list: an open letter detailing government assaults on residents with front yard gardens, how much wasted water goes into making one latte, an artist creates fun robots from junk, a healthcare system in India based on fast food, a touching video about a Japanese school teacher, and 10 things you probably think are true, but aren’t.

  • Awareness of sustainability has a long way to go in some parts of America. More big brother bureaucratic bull reported from Oak Park, Michigan. Imagine, there are people who actually have the audacity to grow vegetables instead of a lawn. Don’t they have any consideration for the pesticide manufacturers who need those lawns to stay in business? It looks like we’re sliding into a habit of discovering petty governments attacking veggie gardeners. Special thanks to Louise for providing the link.
  • Misguided consumerists everywhere ought to check this out. How much water do you think it takes to make one latte, cup and lid included? Sustain-ability awareness, please, now.
  • Don’t know what to do with that broken old gas meter you found on the curb? And all that other junk? You could make some art and stop drinking those lattes. The artist’s website is in French (he may be downing a few lattes as we speak), which you can translate in its entirety with one click if you use Google Chrome as your browser. There you can see more art work and read the description of what he thinks he’s doing. To tell the truth, I couldn’t glean much more sense out of the translation than I could from the original. The artist’s heart is in the right place, though, keep the junk out of the landfill.
  • Meanwhile, back at the NY Times Opinionator page, how about a healthcare system based on the Cheesecake Factory model, or if you’re a fan of R. McDonald, could healthcare be delivered as efficiently as a Big Mac? Read on and find out how a clinic in India is handling cataract surgeries. Call the President, quick.
  • This video about Japanese elementary school kids and their homeroom teacher is fun, happy, serious, and deeply touching. A teacher like this one could have saved you a fortune in psychotherapy fees.
  • Let’s finish up by shattering your illusions, or at least 10 of them. After you read this piece you’ll be able to fearlessly go out in the cold with a wet head, feed your kids oodles of sugar, and know the truth about 8 other falsities that most people think are true.