Archive: February 2013

Last September we visited our friend Pat Wilborn at his aquaponics farming project outside of Port Washington, WI, and shot some video of his operation under construction. Pat is determined to discover whether growing vegetables in a 96-foot-long greenhouse using poop from yellow perch for fertilizer is economically feasible. As I’ve written elsewhere, Pat is […]

Winds of Change might tell you more than you ever thought you’d want to know about generating electricity with wind power. This documentary is straightforward with more facts than drama. It’s pretty dry, even when the wind generators are situated in the ocean. The movie is presented in four segments by IEEE TV, that’s the […]

“When you direct your attention to what could go wrong, it often does.” ~Two-bit Guru~ In this week’s link list: Bhutan goes totally organic, a video about the total amount of water on Earth, using soda caps as decorative siding in Siberia, a 15 year-old develops a method for detecting cancer, a car that parks […]

I’ve been reading quite a fascinating book lately, Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, by Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D. I don’t recall how I came to buy this book because I’m not big on reading anything that promises to tell me the secrets of. Some of the math in the book was daunting for me, but you […]

The thing is, things are a huge problem. ~Two-bit Guru~ As I’ve written previously, the Pachamama Alliance recognizes that we in the industrial world are in a trance. In my estimation this trance is centered on greed, power, destruction of nature, and ultimately results in an ocean of things that are bad for the environment. […]

We the Tiny House People looks at teensy-weensy houses from California to New York, to Spain, France, and more. There are tiny houses built on trailer beds to get around building codes, another carved out of a limestone quarry, a recovered pigeon coop on the roof of a building, boat houses, a converted garage, a […]

“Feel joy, and then give it to everyone else.” ~Two-bit Guru~ In this week’s link list: a Kickstarter project to raise funds for a garden monitoring system, A Doctor looks at using smart phone technology to perform medical tests, a cure that’s worse than the disease, information uncovered about US government spraying poisons on citizens, […]

I don’t consider myself a master of psychic power but I’ve seen enough examples of it within me and within others to know that such awareness is available to all. When any psychic experience occurs, no matter how small, it is a satisfying and even beautiful event. A short while ago I had a little […]

On January 26th, a Saturday, we went to the Port Washington Farmers Market to shoot some video. The winter market is held indoors until spring, at the First Congregational Church. It drew quite a crowd. Our friend Pat Wilborn created the event three years ago, along with his wife, Amy, and it’s now showing signs […]

Jacques Fresco, the subject of this documentary, recognizes the perilous situation our planet is in, and for decades he has been speaking out about what needs to be done. He has a design resume longer than your proverbial arm, and has worked for aircraft companies, the Army, research companies, has taught design, created the Venus […]