From The Pachamama Alliance’s Awakening the Dreamer video series.
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What kind of bunch are these Pachamama people to be making such an audacious statement? They admit it’s audacious themselves, but they also firmly believe that now is the time for such a mission. I agree with them.

The documentary Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream, expresses a reality that many of us already know, that we human beings, specifically we of the self-proclaimed first world, are messing up the planet and the living creatures on it, including ourselves and all other human beings.

Pachamama” comes from the Queshaw (kee-chwa) language of the South American rain forest. In the simplest translation it means “Mother Earth.” In a more expansive translation it means, “Earth, sky, the universe, all space and all time,” in other words, the whole enchilada. I like the second translation best.

The Pachamama Alliance came about because the environment of the indigenous Achuar people of Ecuador and Peru has been threatened by oil drilling on their lands. That sort of thing is old news in terms of our industrial society taking what it wants from the so-called third world. What is evolutionary, if not revolutionary, is that the Achuar Elders reached out to us in the North. Their message was essentially this:

If you want to help us don’t bother to come, but you are welcome to work with us to stop destruction of the environment. Your society is in a trance that is capable of destroying not only the rain forest but all life on earth. You of the North must work within your culture as well to awaken from the dream and change it to one of environmental responsibility and more.

So far, 3,700 volunteer facilitators have been conducting symposiums in 70 countries around the world, inviting people to listen, watch, learn, and contribute to the efforts so succinctly described in the mission statement.

Bill Twist and his wife Lynn, co-founders of the Pachamama Alliance, believe that a new world awareness is possible, an awareness with which we humans can participate in forming the future of life on this planet in a responsible, fulfilling, and just way.

I believe that many, many people want to do something about our destruction of this planet, but they don’t know what that something is. Pachamama might be the answer, at least in part. It could be the right vehicle for actions that will heal the earth and all its creatures, and carry us to a new and blessed awareness.