Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List 56 | Photo of a bird bath covered in snow.

“There’s a pretty good chance that the ancient Gods and Goddesses who lived on mountains and cavorted with human beings were space aliens.” ~Two-bit Guru~

In this week’s link list: The benefits of eating an alkaline diet, a raw milk dairy is suing the FDA, how to build an Amish cold frame, a circuit bent disco created from trash, living off the grid & yoga poses to help you sleep.

  • I’ve concentrated on eating foods that are alkalinizing in my system for the past 10 years and am first in line to support an alkaline diet. If you are new to this concept you can learn five reasons why you should be urging your diet toward the alkaline side. There are several alkaline/acid food charts available (free) on the Internet. Here’s one that is quite comprehensive.
  • My cousins and half the kids I went to school with were all raised on raw milk. I’ve known body builders who built muscle by drinking raw milk. Everybody used to. My belief is that closest to nature is always best, but short-sighted, or no-sighted, government policy doesn’t agree. The largest raw milk dairy in the nation is suing the FDA because that agency has not responded to a request for a ruling submitted in 2008. The recalcitrant agency is requred by law to respond to such requests within 180 days.
  • While I have little respect for government agencies hell-bent on limiting the population’s access to healthful food, I have unlimited respect for the farming and gardening practices of the Amish. Here’s a piece about an Amish cold frame. I’m planning on building one.
  • There’s a lot more to trashpicking than old tires, storm windows, and lawnmowers. Let’s say you want to have a mobile disco and you don’t have the scratch (ha-ha) to purchase one. Just do what this bloke did (he’s a Brit, ya know). Stop off at the tip (dump, for us yanks) and pick up a mic, keyboard, turntables, and the rest absolutely free. And you can pick up plenty of circuit bending material, too.
  • Ever dream of living totally off the grid? Here’s a video about an expatriot from New York City who is doing just that in the high desert of New Mexico.
  • Next time you can’t sleep don’t reach for the zolpidem, eszopiclone, ramelteon, zaleplon, doexepine, or the benzodiazepines. Instead, reach for a yoga mat and read this piece that will tell you seven yoga postures that will put you to sleep. It doesn’t include the one that has worked for me, savasana, also known as the corpse pose. You don’t want to stay in that one forever.