Two-bit Guru | Beyond 2013 | Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

At this unique time in history we probably ought to abandon making forgettable resolutions for the coming year and instead look beyond 2013 by making resolutions for the next 5,125 years, the length of time it will take for the Mayan calendar to complete another full cycle.

Before we begin planning we ought to first rejoice that Mother Nature hasn’t booted us off the island yet, because our behavior here has been quite destructive for thousands of years. We can’t rejoice for long, though, because we’ve got to find a sensible direction.

If we’re going to make it through another 5-plus millenia, we might take a look back and realize that we barely squeaked through the last one. Even though the earth is getting warmer we seem more invested in assessing blame rather than discovering what we can actually do. Likewise with wars and world economies. Likewise with poverty on which we Americans declared war in 1964. Nearly 50 years later that war has rendered more people below the line than in 1964, at a cost of trillions of dollars.

I’d say we might give a go at abandoning labels, left, right, progressive, conservative, radical, capitalist, socialist, dreaded communist, environmentalist, statist, apologist, lepidopterist, pinhead. If I must choose a label for myself I’m trending toward earthist.

Let’s try using language to communicate rather than alienate. Because we earthlings are in doo-doo up to our eyes and it seems there’s some difficulty in seeing it even though we’re about to drown in it. Let’s try learning to use our intuition to feel our way rather than using skewed facts to win an argument. Let’s try that gooey emotion, love, in place of the flinty defeat of hate.

I have discovered a group, the Pachamama Alliance, that looks to be composed of volunteers who understand that necessary changes in awareness must come if we are going to survive and not destroy the planet. Their mission is expressed in 14 words:

Bringing forth an
Environmentally Sustainable
Spiritually Fulfilling
Socially Just
Human Presence on this Planet.

This sounds good to me. If somebody’s got a better idea, I’d like to hear it.