Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List 55 | Photo of a snow drift in front of a hedge.

“If you’re on the 10th floor of a tall building can you make yourself dizzy by looking down at the floor and imagining all the space between you and the ground?” ~Two-bit Guru~

In today’s link list: Fracking in the Great Lakes region, gardens on top of city buses, a simple mortality risk test, an Aussie junk artist, monsters and thrift store art, and a message of simplicity for the holidays.

  • The good news is we’re learning that legacy contaminants in the Great Lakes are decreasing faster than expected. The bad news is those frackers are threatening to add new contaminates. Of course, they don’t say it that way, but I do. Hopefully they can be thwarted.
  • You’re undoubtedly familiar with the rooftop gardens on some city buildings, but you probably haven’t heard of nomadic urban agriculture, unless you’ve seen a New York City bus roll by with a flower garden on top.
  • Take a look at this simple test to determine your mortality risk. It is science at its most accessible, believe me. An observer rates the subject on the ease or difficulty in sitting down on the floor and getting up.
  • An Australian junk artist who shuns junkyards because they’re too easy, preferring curb side “found” junk. Junk sculpture all over his place, inside and out. My kind of guy. Take a look.
  • I suppose the moustache Marcel Duchamp painted on a Mona Lisa print was inspiration for a lot of art defacing artists. No moustaches here but bland thrift store landscape prints that have been livened up with monsters.
  • It’s always a pleasure to read a post by one of my favorite bloggers, Alisha Bull. Here she offers wit and observations on the holiday season with a message of simplicity. The embedded TEDtalk by Jon Jandie makes it a duet on simplfying life.