Two-bit Guru| Giving Christmas Gifts | Photo of a Christmas tree with blue and gold garlands and lights.

The time of getting and giving Christmas gifts is breathing right in our faces again, having leaped upon us like an impatient panther even faster than it has in years past. I believe that’s because the Mayan calendar says that things happen faster and faster as the end of a 5,125 year cycle approaches. In my personal little world that has certainly been the case.

Those who predicted that the end of the earth, or perhaps just the end of us on the earth, would arrive on December 21, 2012, have been proven wrong by at least three days. that’s not much when we’re counting in millenia. If we allow the predictors a mere 1% margin of error then we won’t be out of the woods for another 51 years or so.

With these considerations of doom in mind, this Christmas season we might take the opportunity to give a few gifts of the non-material kind. I have several suggestions:

  • Forget about all wrongs done to you by family members, both prior to and on this Christmas Day. If you feel you must vent, save it up for the family reunion on the Fourth of July.
  • In lieu of hurling insults at relatives, try tossing a few compliments. Even if you’re lying. A compliment goes a long way toward defusing holiday hostilities and promoting holiday cheer.
  • If your sister-in-law hurls an insult at you, repay her with a compliment. Tell her that her baby is beautiful, even if the little crapper looks like her (see “lying” above).
  • Family aside, find time to give something to someone less fortunate than yourself. Drop off dessert at a homeless shelter, give a beggar a fiver (and don’t blame him if he dashes into a nearby tavern).
  • Recycle your gift wrappings.

I’m sure you can think of more. We all carry wounds, and kindness seems to be the best way to heal our own as well as anyone else’s.

Happy Holidays to You!


Note: If the world has ended, please feel free to ignore this post, and have a nice eternity.