William Morris [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This is what I think I am: Good, honest, fair, peaceful, loving, helpful, trusting, euphoric, joyful, accepting, generous, forgiving, and more. This is what everyone is, at the core. Why, then, is there so much chaos in the world, so much evil, so much crap when it comes to human behavior?

I suggest that it’s because the beautiful core of your being, that which is the birthright of every single one of us, has been painted over, armored over, veneered, wall-papered, covered up by the circumstances of living, from babyhood on. We surely can blame our parents for much of that. They’re the ones who had the greatest influence. The parents who completely abandoned us to grandparents or an orphanage might have had the greatest negative influence of all.

But wait a minute, there’s a dilemma here. The idea of blaming them, along with the teacher who insulted you, or anyone else who hurt you when you were vulnerable, that blame-thing is what they taught you in the first place. They painted blame on you, and on me, and on everyone, and covered up that beautiful core. The more you blame them, the more you distance yourself from your true self. Am I now going to continue teaching blame to everyone around me and perpetuate the cycle?

I did teach blame by example in that way for a long time. If you wouldn’t, if they wouldn’t have, if it wouldn’t have . . . what a waste of precious time. I got over blame some time ago, over a long period of time, and in so doing I felt . . . euphoric. What’s not to like about euphoric?

I didn’t relieve myself of a baggage of blame by logically thinking it through, because logic is most often useless in this situation. What worked for me was finding the calmness within, feeling that calmness, because that’s where I really am. This external construction of me isn’t me at all. The more I let my core self, my inner being, direct the play that’s going on in the physical realm, the more I am able to recognize the beautiful core in everyone else.

Once you know that nearly everyone in our culture is covered up by veneer, paint, armor, and wallpaper (some with nice floral designs) then it’s easier to recognize the real, good person within. It’s easier to connect with others once you connect with yourself. With awareness of our true being, it’s a heck of a lot simpler to stop blaming and forgive those parents, teachers, employers, siblings, and everyone else who didn’t have the chance to know who they were.