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At this unique time in history we probably ought to abandon making forgettable resolutions for the coming year and instead look beyond 2013 by making resolutions for the next 5,125 years, the length of time it will take for the Mayan calendar to complete another full cycle. Before we begin planning we ought to first […]

No Impact Man from Sensibilizacion 15-M on Vimeo. No Impact Man is a documentary with the right title. It’s about a Manhattan writer, Colin Beavan, who decides to do his third book about striving to have zero impact on the environment for a year. His wife, Michelle, and his very young daughter, Isabella, participate in […]

“If you’re on the 10th floor of a tall building can you make yourself dizzy by looking down at the floor and imagining all the space between you and the ground?” ~Two-bit Guru~ In today’s link list: Fracking in the Great Lakes region, gardens on top of city buses, a simple mortality risk test, an […]

For a couple of years now I’ve fooled around with adding heat to cold frames to extend the growing season in both spring and fall. In a recent DIY project I made a low-wattage electrical heater that heats the soil rather than the air above the soil. In the spring, I might use this unit […]

The time of getting and giving Christmas gifts is breathing right in our faces again, having leaped upon us like an impatient panther even faster than it has in years past. I believe that’s because the Mayan calendar says that things happen faster and faster as the end of a 5,125 year cycle approaches. In […]

The Ultimate History Lesson is a 5-hour course (in 5 parts) in which John Gatto explains what has happened to American public school education. Gatto offers a fascinating discussion of what American history really is, not glossed over by text books. Looking at the big picture, Gatto describes the intentional suppression of the individual by […]

“Did you ever look at someone you’ve known for years and then reality shifts so that they look like a stranger?” ~Two-bit Guru~ In today’s link list: 10 apocalyptic predictions that didn’t come true, fracking is bad, organic food is good, oatmeal and mold, eco-friendly gift wrap, and a musician that makes music with junk. […]

Notice: Since the end of the world may occur tomorrow, you might want to hold off starting this project until Saturday, if there is a Saturday. If there is no Saturday, it’s been nice knowing you. Do you remember those big old heat registers at Grandma’s house? They were vertical against the wall and the […]

Mayan Calendar image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” ~Chicken Little~ “Naw. It ain’t the sky. That’s just a chip off the Mayan Calendar.” ~Two-Bit Guru~ There’s been a lot of speculation lately about If the world will end on December 21, but I haven’t heard these Mayan calendar predictions say much about How. Since thinkers […]

Pyramids of Waste AKA The Light Bulb Conspiracy from Andreas Wagner on Vimeo. Pyramids of Waste, aka The Lightbulb Conspiracy, shows a light bulb in Livermore, CA, that has been burning since 1901 with only a few comparatively short interruptions since it was first turned on. How can a light bulb last over 110 years? […]