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Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List 51 | Photo of ground cherries at the end of the season

“Embezzling a million dollars is its own reward.” ~Two-bit Guru~ A lot of big corporations oppose labeling of GMOs in food. Household name food manufacturers and household name chemical companies, particularly those making pesticides are in agreement that the people ought not to know. Why is that? Now the largest managed healthcare organization in the […]

Two-bit Guru | Not Knowing What You Want | Photo of a Visioning Board

As often happens when I innocently write a post on any old subject, such as wanting, the idea gets a hold of me and, like a sand bur on flannel pajamas, it won’t let go. The ramifications of which have led me to this question: How do we know what we want in the first […]

Two-bit Guru | How to Root Geraniums

When my landscaping neighbor offered a hefty pile of geraniums for worm food I took him up on it, not for worm food, but for dry-rooting over winter. Hefty pile, did I say? There were about a hundred, maybe two hundred, plants delivered to my garage door in three big barrels. They were a sorry […]

The Next Industrial Revolution from Christopher B. Bedford on Vimeo. I always thought design was a bit silly, to tell the truth, fancy little tricks with materials, bright primary colors, or subtle earth tones, or bold lines and sweeping curves, all expressing just that right degree of sang froid in just the right way. That’s […]

“Meditation is not time taken out of your life, it’s time put into your life.” ~Two-bit Guru~ President Obama and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and their families have differences of opinion on many issues but they all are enthusiastic about healthy organic foods, for them. Judging by the cozy relationship that both Mitt and […]

This is the day we Americans celebrate abundance with feasts great and modest, with a multitude of football games from high school right on up to the pros, and with the traditional falling asleep on sofas and recliners, stuffed as surely as was the Thanksgiving turkey. And like the name says, we give thanks. We […]

Two-bit Guru | Visualization Success | Photo of a visioning board.

  Do you visualize what you want and then some time after discover that very thing in some unexpected way? Visualizing a desired outcome is something I have learned from a number of sources. I practiced the various techniques over several years with mixed results. Sometimes it seemed to work, more often it didn’t. I […]

Two-bit Guru | Saturday Night Movie: Metanoia

It’s not easy to find a movie that gets us in tune with the harmonies of nature without scaring us half to death. After much diligent searching, I’ve found one that teaches not preaches, and opens the pathway for all of us to experience metanoia. What’s that? Metanoia is a shift in perspective, a change […]

Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List | Photo of the evening sky.

“If you’re looking for a romantic encounter, avoid looking.” ~Two-bit Guru Not much can raise my ire but when it comes to vegetable gardens and mindless city bureaucrats that want to destroy them, I have a tough time maintaining my composure. What are the odds that this fellow with a veggie garden in his front […]

When I was 15 years old, I often hung out at the local bowling alley, even during my school lunch hour. Sometimes I bowled a couple of lines. I was no more than a beginning bowler but one day I had an exceptional experience, and I’d bet that you’ve had at least one such experience […]