Two-but Guru | Friday Link List | Photo of fall leaves

“If you want to be special, go in the opposite direction of everyone else.” ~Two-bit Guru~

  • My neighbors have a trampoline near the property line and since their kids are getting older, not far from too-old-for-trampolines-where-are-the-girls, I’m thinking they might be willing to part with it so I can use it for, you’ll never guess. Or maybe you will. Guess first, then look at the link.
  • A great sense of power and gratification must come from mixing up some chemicals in the lab and realizing that you have just made the Mother of All Herbicides, glyphosate, better known by its trade name, Roundup. Of course, at some point the party has to come to an end like maybe when glyphosate is found in city dwellers urine. What else would you expect if you dropped nearly 200 million pounds of the poison on the earth per year.
  • India has about had it with Monsanto. If you didn’t know, Monsanto are the lovely people who brought us Roundup, and before that Agent Orange. Go India, kick those !#@$#!$%’s butts!
  • More Iraqi babies born with birth defects, probably because of US and UK weapons made with mercury, lead, and depleted uranium. What the !)_* is the world coming to?
  • Here’s a fresh idea, actually eight of them, about the health benefits of pumpkins.
  • A short guide about how to live, presented by a cat named Breton. It’s cute, and true.