I have heard about contrails and then chemtrails for years and the whole thing sounded like some conspiracy fantasy cooked up by listeners of Coast to Coast AM. After having seen Michael J. Murphy’s documentary, “What in the World are They Spraying?,” I’ve changed my mind.

What they are spraying is the oxides of aluminum, barium and strontium, and what it is doing, among other things, is making the soil more alkaline. What this means is that in more than one place soil bacteria are disappearing, trees are dying, crops aren’t doing as well as they used to.

Thousands of times more aluminum is present in our environment than is allowed by law, yet nobody is doing anything about it. We suffer neurological damage due to the aluminum in our systems. And once it gets into our bodies, it doesn’t leave.

Watching the movie makers chase down members of Congress for comments would be funny if the subject wasn’t so dang serious.

What it looks like to me is manipulative science at its best, or its worst, doing it because They can, with no concern for the damage that will surely follow. In my opinion, we humans have become far too dangerous and far too powerful for our own good, and for the planet’s good.

Global warming is used as an excuse for spraying but the excuse doesn’t stick very well. The documentary looks at other reasons—I might say more sinister reasons—but not in great depth.

The creators of this documentary urge viewers to share the film with as many people as possible. I do, too. It’s important.