Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List: Autism & yoga, art from junk, empathy | Photo of Opalka tomatoes.

“Logic is like steel girders, intuition is like itself.” ~Two-bit Guru~

  • You might look at this video and wonder if it’s supposed to be funny or not, or what. Since it came from The Onion you have to know it’s going to funny. It is funny, in a sort of strained, satiric, clumsy, bumbling, insipid, snotty, obvious, sophmoric way. Speaking of way, you get the idea way before your 3 minutes are up. Enjoy!
  • The artist Mac Premo has collected all kinds of junk for years and, faced with moving to a smaller studio, he created a 3-dimensional collage in the interior of a 30-foot dumpster. He photographed about 500 of the items that went into the dumpster (so to speak) and promises to show the photos on his web site. Although there are not yet any catalog photos, the site does have some nice shots of the dumpster, inside and out. From one junk collector to another, Bravo, Premo!
  • Let’s say you and maybe your whole neighborhood and all your relatives have been collecting plastic straws of all colors for one heck of a long time. If you don’t know what to do with all those straws, I know where you can get some beautiful ideas.
  • Here’s some more stuff about those ubiquitous MRI machines and meditation and what the inside of your head might look like if you meditate. No monks, ubiquitous or otherwise, took part in this study. Thirteen presumably ordinary folk spent 8 weeks in meditation training and the eight ordinary members of the control group sat around and talked about well-being and stuff, but didn’t meditate. Guess what? The meditators scored 4.6% higher than the controls on an empathy test. Yep, would you believe it? Meditation makes you 4.6% more empathetic than the dunderheads who don’t meditate. I wonder if they meant this one to be funny?
  • Researchers are finding that autistic kids are helped by doing yoga, 500students across NY City alone. No MRI machines and no ubiquitous monks were necessary to make these observations. Apparently, the researchers just looked.