Bee Talker—The Secret World of Bees is from the TV series, The Nature of Things.

It’s about time we present a feel-good movie and this one is sure to please.

You can’t help but make an interesting documentary if you have a scientist who loves bees, a bunch of college students who are learning to love bees, an artist who also loves bees, and several zillion bees. There are interesting facts about the bees, like there are more bees in the city of Vancouver than in the surrounding countryside. Along with the many facts about life in a beehive, a rich collaboration grows between the scientist and the artist. The artist learns about the science and the scientist learns about the art, which may seem like a mundane exchange until you look at the the results, both tangible and intangible.

Bee Talker expresses a rich brew of warm emotions between the human characters. You get the feeling that the bees are in on these feelings, too. As is pointed out, bees are social animals like us, and we might be able to learn a lot about our own social structure by studying theirs.

Watching this documentary will reveal a lot more than you might expect from a small group of humans and a big bunch of bees. It’s well worth the time.