Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List 44 | Photo of a tall weed in the garden.

“Bliss is a signal that we are meditating.” ~Two-bit Guru~

  • We all know that bee colonies embody complicated social structures attained by the various roles genetically assigned to individual bees. Drone, worker, Queen, nurse, guard, and probably many more of which I’m ignorant. What happens if scientists remove the members of a key group in the colony? It looks like other bees adjust their DNA coding to reestablish order. Wonder what implications that might have for human colonies?
  • We also know that we don’t know everything there is to know about bees. In France some bees have pulled off an unlikely surprise by producing honey in a variety of different colors. Find out how they did it and you’ll be amused and perhaps concerned. Oh, those French (bees)!
  • The link list wouldn’t be complete without something that’s not only surprising, it’s downright scary. Visit Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory and see why. It’s not fun but it’s worth taking a look at this video.
  • What the frack? A geophysicist lays blame on these frackers for causing three earthquakes in the Dallas, Texas area, not previously known for virtually any seismic activity. It looks like hydraulic fracturing (the polite term for fracking, as you probably know) has caused 67 quakes so far in a 45 mile grid centered by a fracking injection well.
  • Speaking of Texas, there’s a junk meister in Austin whose Cathedral of Junk fills me with Awe. The Junk King, Vince Hannemann, sits on his throne (a ratty-looking easy chair) holding court for the video camera, speaking with philosophical wisdom. The bureaucrats got involved and 60 tons of the cathedral were hauled away to the landfill. Nevertheless, this is a really nice 6-minute documentary with a Happy Ending!
  • While folks like the Junk King build with junk, there are others who upcycle bottles, in this case, to create something new and beautiful.
  • Another 6-minute video, this one about a military veteran who was saved from PTSD and suicide by meditation. This is a touching, hopeful story. I can’t help but imagine what good would happen on this earth if we practiced meditation before we set out to kill each other.