Two-bit Guru | Barcamp7 Followup | Photo of post-it drawings from BarCamp

There were lots of highlights for me at Milwaukee Barcamp 7, beside my own sessions on Meditation and Communication. The Green Hour was fun and informative, and ditto for a session on Minecraft (trying to keep my knowledge somewhere in range of my Grandkids’), the 3D scanner and printing systems were cool, and Charlie’s bee demo and talk was interesting piled on more interesting.

One activity didn’t make it onto the planning grid, but I was fortunate to discover it. Three entrepreneurial young girls, Ava, Elena, and Ginny, took over a corner and did drawings on 3 x 3 post-it notes which they offered for sale. There were two choices for the potential buyer: The drawings could be purchased separately for a penny or in a book of 12 drawings stuck together for two pennies.

I opted for the book, but haggled the price, upward. I suggested that 25 cents for the book, or possibly higher, might prove to be more reasonable. When they told me that they were going to donate all the money to Children’s Hospital I volunteered a dollar to the cause. I hope I didn’t set a precedent that priced them out of the market.

They were such nice kids! It was a pleasure doing business with them.