Two-bit Guru | Milwaukee Barcamp 7If there’s enough interest, I plan on presenting sessions on meditation & communication at Milwaukee Barcamp 7 on October 6 & 7 at Bucketworks. What’s a bar camp? It doesn’t have anything to do with bars and it’s vaguely related to camping because some out-of-towners bring sleeping bags. It’s an unconference. Follow the links. I missed Milwaukee Barcamps 1,2,3,4, & 5 because I didn’t know what they were. I missed Barcamp 6 because I thought it would be all people writing computer code. It isn’t. I was really sorry I missed 6 when I found out later that there had been a session on organic gardening.

Everybody involved tells me barcamp is heaps of fun with all kinds of people attending and presenting. Lots of interaction. There are people who are into organic gardening & sustainability, meetups, cooking, making money, at least one beekeeper, a garage band producer, people into computers & coding, meditation (me), communicating (me, too),and who knows who all else.

Bucketworks is huge, I think around 34,000 square feet. There is a party on Friday night, October 5, but I am sorry that I have to miss that because of a prior real-world obligation. I hope to see lots of people there.

It’s a very, very good idea to register in advance.

Did I mention that it’s fun?

Did I mention that it’s ALL FREE?!

Hope to see you there!