Two-bit Guru | Learning by Giving | Photo of a bouquet of flowers

I have long searched for one word that would define the ideal purpose of human beings on this earth. It’s likely that at different stages of life we would embrace different words. When we’re younger, Sex might be the word, while at 90 it might not. “Success” would apply to some, “worship” for others, and for others “jerk” might be most definitive.

Until recently my word of purpose was Learn. It seemed to fit so well with everything I do. Learning is good for the garden. It can increase our material or physical comfort. The act of learning itself gives us satisfaction. My meditation practice is all about learning in an intuitive way.
Learning can be noble, spiritual, useful, fun. What could ever trump Learning? I’m trending toward Giving.

I have long urged the concept that Meditation may be the only path capable of correcting the erroneous direction humanity has taken (as perceived by me). Sorry Meditation, but Giving is moving up to the top of my consciousness.

What’s the key to a successful business? Giving the customer what he/she needs or wants. In short, giving value. What’s the key to a successful relationship? Giving, and not necessarily in the material sense, although a bouquet of flowers certainly won’t do any harm. What’s the key to feeling good about ourselves? Giving anything to anybody. In the hayfield of life, Giving cuts a tremendously wide swath.

When we give the soil what it needs—natural fertilizer and a deep massage with a broadfork and a rake—it feeds us, not only a gratifying experience but a necessary one to keep us alive and healthy.

Whether it’s a kid sharing a cookie with his or her buddy or a man or woman offering a helping hand, it’s all to the good, literally.

I’m not big on quoting the Bible, although a lot of verses from my childhood stick with me, like Acts 20:35, “It is better to give than to receive.”

There’s a simple reason for the truth of that verse. If you get something, whether material or not, you’ll feel good. If you give something to somebody else they’ll feel good, and you’ll feel good, too. Multiplying a good feeling by two can only be a good thing. Wouldn’t you agree?