The movie Blind Spot is mis-titled. It’s not a spot. It’s a blotch or a blight or a horror over the whole planet. It can cause us to awaken at 3 am with a shudder, and maybe even take a peek out the window at the darkness, just to see if everything’s still there.

Yep, it’s time once again for a dose of gloom and doom.

The essential theme of the movie is that we’re running out of energy, specifically fossil fuels. We’re also chopping the tops off mountains to get at the coal with gigantic machines and little human labor. A triple whammy: destroy the environment, pollute the air, and put people out of work. Way to go, humans!

The comparison is made between what petroleum can do and what muscle power can do. We obviously come out on the short end somewhere down on the scale, under “less than puny.”

In trying to find hope we might consider alternatives that are pretty much ignored or disdained in the movie. There’s nuclear power but forever more when we consider nuclear we will undoubtedly consider Fukishima, too. There’s hydraulic fracturing, cutely known as fracking, but there’s also some evidence of destroyed water tables and possibly earthquakes caused with this sort of irresponsible behavior.

As if the energy situation isn’t enough, Blind Spot points out that we’ve got an aging population, unfunded liabilities in pensions and health care, a geometrically growing world-wide debt, a decaying infrastructure, and high military costs. And, greater and greater complexity in our social structure, an indicator from history that things are quite likely to fall apart. We see evidence of an ever-growing bureaucracy of dingbats every day.

Is there any hope, anywhere? I’m holding to the belief that this cornucopia of dilemmas may be what will cause us to snap out of our collective infantile life patterns and grow up. We need to accept, rather than sneer at, the work being done on free energy. We need to get beyond our petty arguments and our erroneous belief that logic and argument will solve our problems. We need to realize, and soon, that wisdom will come when we all embark on that inner journey which is where truth lies and where intuition provides all the answers.

Blind Spot might be just the call to action that we need. Action based on compassion and love, not on violence and domination.