Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List: | Photo of butternut squash

“Unexplainable events are just ahead of us in time.” ~Two-bit Guru~

  • Let’s get to the doom and gloom right away with this disheartening report about pesticides in our food. Find out the 12 fruits and vegetables you must buy organic and learn how bad it is if you don’t. Hint: 98% of non-organic apples have detectable levels of pesticides in them, or on them, whatever.
  • On a cheerier note, if you go to Florence (not the neighbor lady, the Italian city) a new restaurant intends to allow patrons to pay for their meals with fresh produce. The way things have been looking in the European Union, it might be wiser to accept produce in payment rather than Euros.
  • It’s never enough for a hoard of people to claim relief from pain by a method regarded as questionable. Nope, there has to be a study done—in this case a meta-analysis—and, lo, acupuncture works! It’s what millions of folks have been saying for centuries (I think).
  • Trash pickers of the world, hold your heads high! An industrial designer is reworking components of what might have gone to the landfill into way cool furniture. It looks like considerable effort went into the project. Not like the time I picked up a curved center part of a sectional sofa off the curb and installed it in my living room on its back so you sat on the curved inside of what had been the back of the piece. Comfy for one, extremely cozy for two as the curve and gravity pulled you together.
  • When the genius scientist/inventor Nikola Tesla was around, the MythBusters weren’t. Even though Tesla will never have the opportunity to meet and catch up with them, they have caught up with Tesla, or at least one of his inventions. I’m talking about the Oscillating Earthquake machine, naturally. Naturally, Adam and Jamie give it a try. The video is pretty dang fascinating.
  • A respected psychologist goes out on a limb and claims that precognition exists. Remember the acupuncture from the above link? It’s the same kind of thing. Not to rain on the parade of research, but some of us know precognition exists, along with coincidences that aren’t coincidences, and plenty more.