“Those who see an enemy in everyone else are likely their own worst enemy.” ~Two-bit Guru~

  • It doesn’t get any better than this, or any worse than this, or at least pretty dang bad. Does a study really show that organic foods are not any healthier than conventional pesticide-laden, GMO sired foodstuffs? Well, it does, but (enter Hamlet) Therein lies the rub. The rub, or maybe the rube, is one of the coauthors of the study who just happens to have deep ties to big tobacco, and was once chairman of Stanford’s Department of Statistics, and there’s more, lots more. Methinks there is something rotten, not only in Denmark but in the whole of the good old USA.
  • My boyhood hero, hands down, was Thomas Edison. I didn’t know who Nikola Tesla was except for the Tesla coil that I thought was an interesting, impractical invention. Over the years my respect for Tesla grew and my regard for Edison fell. When Tesla was promoting the AC current that we have in our households now, and Edison was making money from DC current, in order to discredit AC (and Tesla) Edison paid kids a small sum to kidnap dogs. Why? So he could do public demonstrations of the evils of AC by electrocuting the dogs (and other animals). Edison, Evil Creep.  Tesla has never gotten the respect he deserves. Science historians, geeks, and others are now crowdsourcing funds to erect a museum to that great man.
  • A poor man, a victim of childhood polio, confined to a wheelchair, dreamed of flying. He had no opportunity. An ordinary person might lament such a fate and give up, but not Agustin. He is building a helicopter. From trash. A man after my own heart but in a much more expansive way.  He started in 1958. The project is not finished, and most likely never will be. Some people say he’s crazy. Watch this video and I’ll bet you’ll agree with me that he isn’t crazy at all, but he has wisdom.
  • What’s a fractal? This isn’t a riddle. One definition is that a fractal is an infinitely complex pattern that is self-similar across different scales. Huh? This is one of those instances where a picture is worth a thousand words. Google Earth has provided us with all kinds of fractal images of our planet and an Australian professor, Paul Bourke has sought them out and compiled them on his website. This article shows us some of his beautiful discoveries, discusses fractals, and gives us a link to Bourke’s website, where, you guessed it, you can see even more fractals from around the globe.
  • This piece isn’t about the energy of Tesla but rather tells us how to use the energy of our minds and our thoughts. The writer tells a delightful little story about a peace lily and manifestation. Cool stuff.