“The easiest way, maybe the only way, to find our life’s purpose is to do what feels good.” ~Two-bit Guru~

  • Probably everybody knows that the microbes in your gut can affect your physical health. But how many know that those little bugs, the little buggers, can also affect the state of your mind? If you’re a mouse lacking gut bacteria you could be found to engage in “high-risk behavior,” caused by neurochemical changes in the brain. What will Dr. Mercola come up with next?
  • What the frack? The Good Mother Earth News comes up with a fatally flawed fracking study, obviously biased to favor the frackers. If this society keeps going the way it’s been going we’re all going to be fracked, one way or another. But we need the energy to keep up our frenetic life styles. I’m hoping for a breakthrough in energy research that takes us away from fracked fossil fuels and their fatally flawed fracking studies and brings us to the world of infinite zero-point energy. Now wouldn’t that be something?
  • “A free world class education for everyone.” Can you believe it? If you haven’t heard of the non-profit Khan academy, or if you have heard of it, you’ll likely by blown away by this video from 60 minutes. Sol Khan created the virtual academy, single-handedly, in a closet office, backed by his superior brain and three degrees from MIT. It’s almost too good to be true, but it is true. And it all happened by a fluke. I wonder if Khan has a course on the crazy coincidences that occur in this universe.
  • Did you know September is National Yoga Month? How do you celebrate NYM? With 7 unconventional types of yoga, that’s how. You might try anti-gravity yoga, and no, it’s not levitation, it’s suspension from cloth drapes hung from the ceiling. Or harmonica yoga, or you get the idea. Or just plain old yoga. Have a good one.