I was thinking about doing a piece about being oneself, and then when I wasn’t thinking about it at all, this little flash of awareness flitted across my consciousness. It’s so simple that it seems odd to be writing about it, yet those are the things that often escape our attention. I became conscious that ever since childhood I’ve wanted to know how everything works. That’s it, a thread that is integral to my whole life. Maybe not profound, but the experience of recognizing that random thought has redirected my efforts here. In a sense, the Muse has spoken. Let’s go with it.

How often in childhood were we yanked out of a daydream by a teacher, or a parent, or some other well-meaning adult, all of whom had the best intentions of getting us on the right path of logical, focused thinking? After all, there was long division to be learned. Little did they know, and little did we know, that those persistent daydreams were showing the way to a vaster landscape than that provided by the limited area of the conscious mind.

Since we’ve been taught that the action is in the cognitive, we have a “natural-seeming” impulse to discount our intuitive insights. Yet, the greater realm is what we glimpse when we get one of those ideas that seem to come from nowhere. Our task is to go farther than a glimpse.

This is not to discount the role of logical, conscious thinking in our lives, but it is to say that we are better off incorporating inspiration with logic to achieve a unity otherwise not possible. As in holistic.

How might we emulate the many inventors, scientists, business people, engineers, musicians, artists, and others, whose creations have been sparked by a flash of inspiration?

One might start with a daydream and see where it goes. Only a daydream, not a conscious thought of a daydream. The ephemeral is a nice place to be if we let it be what it is. By going to the calm spaces within we have the opportunity to see what we otherwise would not see.

Trust the Muse. Go with it.