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You’ve probably guessed that the documentary One Bad Cat isn’t about a kitty with a nasty temper. It is about the complicated personality of an outsider artist who didn’t come to art until he was 50 years old. When he was a child, Albert Lee Wagner’s mother recognized that the boy had an artistic flair, […]

Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List 42 | Photo of leaves in fall.

“We humans cling to logic, even when logic doesn’t work.” ~Two-bit Guru~ I came across The Adventures of The Guy Who Just Started Paying Attention comic strip and from there investigated the rest of the site. It’s all pretty dang interesting. This might look like a prank but it isn’t. It’s science studying the important […]

Two-bit Guru | Leave Fear Behind | Photo of raspberry leaves that have been eaten by Japanese Beatles

“Some sages say we should leave fear behind but I’d rather have it right out there in front of me where I can keep an eye on it” ~Two-bit Guru~ About a year ago, I wrote about Japanese beetles among the raspberries and contemplated making peace with them by accepting their existence as being as […]

Two-bit Guru | Speaking to Plants | Photo of pak choy gone to seed

When I wrote about picking raspberries I realized that when I’m in the garden, or encouraging seedlings in the house in the spring for that matter, I spend much time speaking to the plants. I compliment the tomatoes on their abundance, and the pole beans on their lovely appearance. The raspberries themselves get a lot […]

The movie Blind Spot is mis-titled. It’s not a spot. It’s a blotch or a blight or a horror over the whole planet. It can cause us to awaken at 3 am with a shudder, and maybe even take a peek out the window at the darkness, just to see if everything’s still there. Yep, […]

Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List: | Photo of butternut squash

“Unexplainable events are just ahead of us in time.” ~Two-bit Guru~ Let’s get to the doom and gloom right away with this disheartening report about pesticides in our food. Find out the 12 fruits and vegetables you must buy organic and learn how bad it is if you don’t. Hint: 98% of non-organic apples have […]

It doesn’t take much to make a functional item out of just about anything. One, 32-ounce yogurt container, a piece of cord, a marker, a jackknife, and in 5 minutes you’ve got yourself a dandy raspberry container for picking. Thinking of Grandma’s serious, tanned face when she was picking berries with a pail around her […]

I love to be in the garden, whether I’m working, or picking raspberries, or just hanging out. This morning I opted to pick raspberries to put on my cereal. The patch is located literally 4 paces outside the front door, as the crow flies, meaning I have to step over the hostas. It’s 8 paces […]

In “Quest for the Lost Civilization,” Graham Hancock travels to the Egyptian pyramids, the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Carnac in Brittany, Ankor Wat in Cambodia, La Venta in Mexico, Easter Island in Polynesia, and more, in a huge effort to unravel the mysteries of our ancient history. Hancock must have oodles of frequent […]

“Those who see an enemy in everyone else are likely their own worst enemy.” ~Two-bit Guru~ It doesn’t get any better than this, or any worse than this, or at least pretty dang bad. Does a study really show that organic foods are not any healthier than conventional pesticide-laden, GMO sired foodstuffs? Well, it does, […]