“Failure is a learning experience. Success is a learning experience. We can’t lose.”
~Two-bit Guru~

  • I find it odd that in our culture no wisdom has standing unless, or until, it has been proven by Science. Take meditation, for instance, where even though these practices have been “proven” for thousands of years, meditation doesn’t reach bona fide status until a monk or two has been run through an MRI machine which shows that the monks’ brains have a different MRI when they meditate than when they don’t meditate. Science misses the whole experience of meditating, but it does have the evidence that meditation exists. Science is our most popular religion and now there’s an MD who offers the premise that medical science is a fundamentalist religion, close-minded and run by the high priests known as MDs. Our favorite MD, Dr. Mercola, is one Doc who tells it like it is and he has pointed out that pharmaceutical drugs are 62,000 times more likely to kill you than supplements. Something to think about next time you go to the doctor. Another study delivers news of ineptitude in the medical community’s treatment of senior citizens, prescribing medications inappropriately 20% of the time. Yipes. I’d say gimme that old time religion, it’s good enough for me, at least in comparison to what medical science would have us believe.
  • If Medicine is letting us down we aren’t going to find support in what we eat, either. California is doing its best to slip some integrity into the food supply with its Proposition 37, so that the People would know if they were being sold genetically modified foods because the food would be so labeled. Guess who is fighting this? Of course, it’s Monsanto! Fighting for the right to sell the modern-day version of dangerous snake oil to the masses, Monsanto is going at it with brass knuckles and better than $4 million, so far. Not only Monsanto: Dow Agro weighs in with about $1.2 million, and Dupont has offered a little more than Dow, and there are other multinationals involved, too. They’ll show us, won’t they? Aaargh.
  • Is there no one who cares about sustainability and health over profits and corporate bullying? Yes, good old Mother Earth News cares. Here she gives us thorough instructions for how to grow our own food in our own greenhouses. Thank you, Mother.
  • We’re good at blaming corporate idiocy for our problems but we ought to step up to plate ourselves and stop throwing away 40% of the food that is on that plate. That’s what a new study shows. Actually, 100% of the food doesn’t get to your plate because of just-a-bit-too-ripe fruit, for example, that gets thrown in the dumpster before you even get to choose whether or not to buy it. Americans, attention! Do what I do: Feed vegetable waste to the worms. Make compost. Fertilize your garden. Get in harmony. Practice sustainability. Meditate. Anybody listening?
  • A confession: for a long time I thought fibromyalgia was in about the same category as restless leg syndrome. There’s a pill for RLS, as they call it so you might be thinking you’ve got something like what Lou Gherig had, but there has been no magic pill for fibromyalgia. Apparently the pharmaceutical giants fell asleep at the wheel on that one. Forget the pharmaceuticals, it looks like qigong (say “chi gung” and be cool) is effective in countering the pain of fibromyalgia. And now I do believe it is a real ailment.
  • Let’s end on a high note, shall we? Yet another form of meditation to explore, this one explaining how to take care of your liver and have better meditations. No GMO’s, no pharmaceuticals, no MD’s, no diseases, no food waste–Let’s liver it up, okay? (Groans permitted)