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An awesome amount of material has been written in recent years about the physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of meditation. I know from personal experience that such benefits do accrue to those who meditate. As marvelous as these benefits are, there are aspects of meditation even more wonderful that transcend material existence, going beyond the physical altogether.

In previous writing I have referred to tapping into the realm of coincidence, and once compared the universe to a gigantic I Ching. All the information is right in front of us if we can learn how to see it. This is what the Akashic Records are all about, too, a gigantic cosmic library containing all that was and all that is. I’m not sure if it contains all that will be but if it does that would help explain the practice of some very wise people who apparently can predict the future.

People who access universal knowledge don’t usually do it while driving in six-lane traffic. Rather, they reach the inner space through meditation, chanting, trance, sleep, or other means that put the conscious mind in the background and welcome in the Other (for lack of a better word).

As we go farther along our meditative path, the ego loses importance, both on the inner path and in the external world. We feel safer in the universe than we ever felt before. I have no desire to destroy the ego, only to keep it in its proper place.

There is rather an awesome amount of ego-competition among some who claim to be on the path of the inner journey, not a useful place for ego. “I’m more enlightened than you,” is written nowhere in the ancient or modern texts. Competition is better suited for playing sports or other games and left out of the Other all together.

We find that we can’t, literally can’t, force any of the experiences we have on the meditative journey. When we let go, awareness enters. This can be a bit maddening if we’re used to making things happen on the physical plane, but over time the veil between this world and the Other becomes transparent and then disappears.

If in your meditation you have the joy of experiencing the Inner Bliss, the Absolute Silence, if only for a moment, it is a significant occurrence. Your life will be changed forever. It is all there for you, not for the asking but for the receiving, whenever you’re ready.