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Welcome to the new layout for Two-bit Guru! I do hope you like it. Everything that was on the site before is here now, but in a more easily accessible form.

I’ve made one small change in the short comments next to my picture: I removed the word “success” and replaced it with “satisfaction.” I feel that “success” can be taken to imply only making money. Although I believe my ideas and values have led me to a comfortable income—I’m not opposed to folks making money, including me—my purpose here is to share ideas more along the lines of satisfactory living rather than along the lines of acquiring wealth. I do believe when we are in the proper, easy state of mind that derives from meditation, wealth may come to us. The trick is to let it come on its own rather than trying to force it.

Nearly all of the blog posts on this site have germinated during my meditations and I expect things to continue in that vein. I don’t decide to write about any specific or general subject. I don’t try to force the words any more than I try to force money into my life.

Meditation has revealed much to me over many years, sometimes in the form of words or ideas, sometimes images, and sometimes as intuitions, feelings. The practice not only contributes to the creation of these posts, it gives direction to my life.

Equally as important to me as meditation, is organic gardening. In these unsure times it seems that being connected with the Other Side through meditation and being connected to the Earth through working with plants and the soil, are both necessary. Perhaps this has always been true but we have been prone to forget or ignore it.

Meditation + Gardening = Peace & Satisfaction. The simplest of formulas with the most profound results.

I share these thoughts with you, not in the sense that you ought to be doing the exact same things that I do, but that you create your own path, and make your own discoveries, and evolve a lifestyle that offers you as much peace and satisfaction as can be. And that you will share your experiences with others, and that compassion, kindness and caring will grow in the world. And that someday we will all find ourselves smiling at everyone else, and they will be smiling at us, and we all will Know.

See the new layout here.