THRIVE is a documentary made by a presumably very rich guy named Foster Gamble. Think “Proctor & Gamble heir” for a guess at how rich he might be. THRIVE does look like it cost quite a bit of money to make.

The movie is roughly divided into three parts: Free Energy, Conspiracy, and Solutions. By free energy we’re talking about tapping into the energy that is available from the universe or the earth or somewhere. There is tantalizing evidence in the movie, and from my experience in the real world, that the possibility of free energy does exist.

But, there is an obstacle to the free energy that we are on the threshold of tapping into (according to the movie). The obstacle is Huge, and involves corporations, governments, bankers, the elite, and of course at the bottom of the heap, folks like you and me. There are more Conspiracies going on than we could ever possibly untangle on our own.

By the time we get to the Solutions we have just about lost hope, but according to Foster Gamble, there is hope. There are a lot more of us than there are of Them, for one thing. We also have good on our side. And we have the Thrive website to guide us along the way to what can only be described as Utopia.

Here’s a twist that’s not in the movie: Debunkers have sprung up, one of them saying that THRIVE is a religious document. Another says that Foster Gamble is mixed up in, and supportive of, numerology, the illuminati, corporate oligarchies, Satan, and more. Another, points out that a number of significant participants in THRIVE have “grave disagreements” with some parts of the film. These dissenters include Deepak Chopra, Vandana Shiva, activist John Robbins, Paul Hawken, John Perkins, and Amy Goodman.

Is Foster Gamble a tool of the elite or is he a repentant rich guy who really wants to do good? Hmmm. I don’t know. But I do know that I’m not sorry I viewed the movie.

I look forward to watching the drama that may evolve from here, off the screen, in the real world. I’d like Foster Gamble to prove himself a good guy. He does seem just so gosh-darn nice.