Two-bit Guru | Friday Link List: Growing Superfoods, Fracking, Yoga... | Photo of a purple flower in a glass on wood
“Learn to let go, unless you’re climbing a mountain.” ~ Two-bit Guru~  

  • I will confess that there was a time in my life when I referred to the rich garden green kale as silage. If you don’t know what silage is, you may be a happier person for it. I have come to love kale. We eat it fresh. We freeze it. And Russian kale is capable of surviving winters down to minus 10 degrees F. This article will tell you all about kale and several other superfoods. Happy eating, happy growing!
  • Admit it, you’ve always wondered what the Neanderthals were eating, weren’t you? This is your lucky day because researchers have discovered that the Neanderthals ate greens and other plants, along with meat. They probably were eating kale, too, although the researchers didn’t say that.
  • Maybe it’s time to stop fracking around and look at the real costs of hydraulic fracturing. One possible cost is the contamination of drinking water with chemicals used in the process. Before I knew about the dangers, I was quite jolly at the prospect of the USA fracking our way to energy independence. It would be a shame to become energy independent and die from it, though.
  • If you’ve got a sunburn, here are 13 common kitchen ingredients that can help. If you don’t have a sunburn, stock up on these before you go out to get one.
  • An idea that’s catching on is: meditation is cool and not religious, arcane, cultish, fill-in-the-blank. I say, meditation to the People, right now. They don’t call me the two-bit guru for nothing.
  • Free yoga lessons in Miami from 305 Yoga Gangsters. There’s actually not 305 of them, but there are 135 volunteer yoga teachers in the group. This is a heart-warming, feel-good, positive story about yoga and disadvantaged youth, and you get to find out what they mean by “gangster.” This is an offer you can’t refuse.