At the beginning of Hempsters, Woody Harrelson and others plant industrial hemp seeds on the DEA’s front lawn. Harrelson gets arrested. At the end of the movie, the arrests go on. The conflict is based on facts versus ignorance (or worse).

Folks supporting the right of Americans to grow hemp know that marijuana and hemp are two different plants. Marijuana gets you high. Hemp doesn’t. Knowing the truth about hemp, you might get angry at the ignoramuses in this documentary— the Authorities–who persist in their relentless bureaucratic ignorance, or malice, to attack hemp and hemp growers in an obvious attempt to make exceedingly sure that Americans will not and can not ever grow hemp. Canadians grow hemp, Europe grows hemp, the rest of the world grows hemp, but not the land of the free, the good old USA.

Thomas Jefferson grew hemp. George Washington grew hemp. Henry Ford made a prototype car using hemp fiber. Hemp was necessary to make rope for navy ships during WWII, so necessary that the government made a movie, “Hemp for Victory,” extolling the need to grow hemp. Even though hemp had been branded illegal by the Narcotics Act of 1937, along with marijuana! Neither plant produces a narcotic, by the way.

Pro-hemp Reform Party politician Gatewood Galbraith appears in the documentary, along with activists Ralph Nader and Julia Butterfly Hill, entertainers Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, Native Americans Joe American Horse and Alex White Plume, Harrelson, of course, and others.

This movie might make you mad but it’s worth watching, if you can stand to see what happens when stupidity rules.