Two-bit Guru - Friday Link List - Photo of a variety of tomatoes spread out on a kitchen counter top - In this week's link list - GMO health problems, urban organic farming, medicine from tree bark, animal bridges, and a free meditation guide.
“Happiness is a signal that we are doing the right thing.” ~Two-bit Guru~

  • GMO is getting to be the most popular acronym ever, for the same reason that psychopaths get media coverage: They’re both really bad. Obesity, fertility problems, birth defects, digestive problems, and more, are cited in this Norwegian study on GMOs.
  • A TEDtalk by Roman Gaus who, without any previous experience, became an urban organic farmer. Talk includes rooftop gardening, aquaponics, and other good ideas.
  • Plants are not only food sources, they also give us medicine. This piece is mainly about Slippery Elm Bark and its wondrous ability to heal. Site includes links to other medicinal plants.
  • I have wished more than once that there was a way to prevent cars from killing wild animals. This short article reports on a solution: Make bridges exclusively for the use of the animals. They’re nice to look at, too, both the bridges and the animals.
  • Over 30 years ago, I discovered meditation with the Silva Method. Since then I have developed my own, individual practice–something that I believe everyone ought to feel free to do–but I would never deny the wonderful experiences I had with Silva. Here is a basic guide to meditation based on the Silva Method. There’s a free download of a meditation exercise, too.