Two-bit Guru - First Tomato - Photo of the first tomato, sliced.

We picked the first red tomato a couple of weeks ago. Since then we’ve had considerably more and we’re making sauce out of them. But that first one, like the first robin in spring, is special.

Our first impulse was to slice it and eat it as soon as we finished admiring at it. It would have been good as plain slices but Alayna added a little pizazz.

She put the slices on a special plate and topped it with a bit of shredded cheeses and fresh-picked basil. It was warmed just enough in the microwave and served with toasted bread. Ahhhh, yummo, the first tomato.

Two-bit Guru - First Tomato - Photo of a meal shown with shredded cheese, toasted bread and basil.