A change of pace for this week. “Journey to the Edge of the Universe” is a unique documentary based on images from the Hubble telescope melded into one continuous shot. This is accomplished through amazing CGI technology (whatever that is). CGI stands for “Common Gateway Interface,” whatever that is.

Whatever the technology, this is one interesting documentary, offering “the first non-stop voyage from Earth to the edge of the Universe.” Alec Baldwin’s narration and the stunning images make this a delightful way to spend an hour and a half. Quite a long trip to make in an hour and a half, I’d say.

The solar system is beautiful, and frightening, and the farther out we go the more beautiful, and the more frightening, the Universe becomes. It’s a nice place to view on the screen but I wouldn’t want to live out there.

It makes you glad to be living here on good old planet Earth. Don’t worry about getting stuck in the depths of outer space—in the final moments of the film the movie makers are kind enough to bring us back home at lightning speed.