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“Take a chance. There’s no prize for being ordinary.” ~Two-bit Guru~ Today, the link list is almost completely on the bright side, with only a smidgen of contrasting gloom here and there. Enjoy! Imagine this: A sustainable indoor farm that is part of an aquaponics system and produces, for example, 50 pounds of basil a […]

With all the gloomy events and prognostications in the world today, it is immensely refreshing to hear Nic Marks sharing his research and his thoughts in this TEDtalk, “The Happy Planet Index.” Marks cites five things to do to be Happy: Connect with other people Be active Take notice of what is going on in […]

Two-bit Guru | Leftover Chicken Ideas | Leftover Chicken Wrap | Photo of a wrap made from leftover chicken

Leftover chicken ideas: How to make an easy wrap from leftover chicken. Ingredients: 3 oz. leftover chicken, chopped into pieces (for a vegetarian version, substitute tofu for the chicken) one small onion, diced one medium tomato, chopped salsa vegetable oil or butter or ghee salt & pepper, if desired tortilla(s) or other wrap Saute onion […]

The great botanist George Washington Carver told a story of one day walking along the road and meeting a beggar who was heading toward town. The man asked Carver for money so he could get something to eat. As they parted, Carver thought about the encounter, marveling that the beggar was ignorant that an abundance […]

This hour-long documentary is about a self-named character, Poppa Neutrino, who wandered the world with his wife and kids, having no money and few possessions. They survived as street musicians, as performers in a rinky-dink Mexican circus (and later put together their own rinky-dink circus), and as trash pickers. They built humongous rafts from junk […]

“Failure is a learning experience. Success is a learning experience. We can’t lose.” ~Two-bit Guru~ I find it odd that in our culture no wisdom has standing unless, or until, it has been proven by Science. Take meditation, for instance, where even though these practices have been “proven” for thousands of years, meditation doesn’t reach […]

Two-bit Guru | Beyond the Physical | Photo of the full moon, with a few clouds in the night sky | dark, light, tree, branches, shine

An awesome amount of material has been written in recent years about the physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of meditation. I know from personal experience that such benefits do accrue to those who meditate. As marvelous as these benefits are, there are aspects of meditation even more wonderful that transcend material existence, going beyond the […]

Two-bit Guru | Easy Vegetarian Pizza | Photo of cooked frozen pizza on a red and white table cloth. The pizza is topped with onion, tomato, basil, green pepper and feta cheese.

Building your own Easy Vegetarian Pizza. One Frozen cheese pizza. Top with: Chopped onion Sliced tomato Chopped fresh basil Chopped green pepper Sprinkle with feta cheese A little feta cheese enhances the flavor and brings it all together. Bake in oven according to frozen pizza directions. The added ingredients may require longer baking time. Variations: […]

Two-bit Guru | New Site Layout | Screenshot capture on the new homepage for

Welcome to the new layout for Two-bit Guru! I do hope you like it. Everything that was on the site before is here now, but in a more easily accessible form. I’ve made one small change in the short comments next to my picture: I removed the word “success” and replaced it with “satisfaction.” I […]

THRIVE is a documentary made by a presumably very rich guy named Foster Gamble. Think “Proctor & Gamble heir” for a guess at how rich he might be. THRIVE does look like it cost quite a bit of money to make. The movie is roughly divided into three parts: Free Energy, Conspiracy, and Solutions. By […]