Two-bit Guru - Death and Eternity - Photo of beautiful heavenly clouds and sky - sun, light, orange, blue -

“The craziest ideas are often the most fun.” ~Two-bit Guru~

The concept of creating your own reality has got a pretty good grip on a sizable chunk of the human consciousness these days, although the idea has its limitations, particularly the death part. Once death sets in, your earthly reality is pretty much shot. The next idea-step to embrace is: We are all creating our own eternity. This sounds crazy but it is nothing short of revolutionary (in a wholesome, non-violent way, of course).

According to the idea, if you believe in Heaven and Hell, it’s yours, no questions asked. If you believe you’ll spend eternity in Heaven playing the harp, go for it because it’s your afterlife reality. You’ve created it. You have to be a little careful with the Hell concept, though, because you might inadvertently open the big heavy metal door to the furnace room and believe that’s where you belong.

In your Heaven-based eternity you might imagine that your friends have all gone to Hell but what if they believed they were going to Heaven? I’m not sure (I only thought of this two hours ago). They most likely are in Heaven. In your eternity, what went to Hell were images of your friends. Since you believed they went to Hell they might exclude you from their Heaven, and deservedly so. They might be in Eternal Bliss while you are in Eternal Harp lessons. So be it.

Let’s do atheists. Atheists are easy. You accept the stainless steel and plutonium reality of hard science, but not the possibility of any experience in the great beyond. If this works for you, it works for me (for you, that is). You have created your own eternal non-existence. Enjoy.

If you believe in reincarnation, it’s yours. You might avoid coming back as a lizard by doing admirable things on earth. You might be reincarnated as a Princess, or a Saint. If a Saint there’s always the danger of martyrdom. Better to aim for Princess.

If we are willing to embrace this idea, it means that everyone’s belief is right. That’s right. Not only do we have the right to create our own eternity, we are allowing that everyone else’s beliefs are acceptable, too. All religions and all non-religions are right. All ideas are right. This is an acceptance to the nth degree.

If we accept that everyone has access to the Truth, we become finally and eternally rid of prejudice and judgment. We are truly free. Not bad for a crazy idea, huh?