Two-bit Guru - Friday Link List 33 - Photo of a spikey plant

“Food makes you well, or it makes you sick, depending on what you choose to eat.
Simple, isn’t it?”
~Two-bit Guru~

  • I’d completely forgotten the name of this exercise. We did it in high school gym class. Well, here it is again, The Burpee. Ahh, nostalgia!
  • If you live in Drummondville, Quebec, you better make sure your front yard is at least 30% grass, otherwise You’re Breaking the Law! A couple are fighting to keep their 0% grass front yard vegetable garden and Authorities are determined to get rid of it. Drummondville plans on making it illegal to grow any vegetables in front yards starting this fall. This isn’t the only place where poop-head bureaucratic Authorities are destroying citizen’s front yard gardens.
  • Snag perfectly good food about to be thrown out from supermarkets and restaurants and feed it to the hungry. Sounds like a good idea to me. Naturally, it’s a private citizen who is doing this in Portland, Oregon.  Watch the video (No government bureaucrats in sight).
  • Deepak Chopra tells us how to recognize and deal with interpretations of our life’s events. Ah, Deepak. He’s everywhere, helping us to see.
  • Yoga and windsurfing? Well, not at the same time. If you’re an Olympic contender you might find that yoga helps before, and after, your workout and your event.