Two-bit Guru - Friday Link List 32: GMO horrors, recycled art - Photo of a Daisy

Years ago, I was subject to small bouts of melancholy, then I decided not to. ~Two-bit Guru

  • How would you like your Genetically Modified Organisms? Protected from the law and running rampant? As a means to create mutant mosquitoes? Or, scariest of all, as real, live genetically modified humans, now teenagers, the results of secret genetic “activities” reported  over 10 years ago? You can  choose to read any or all of these possible horror stories if you dare. Not guaranteed to help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • If the above links haven’t frightened you off from the whole idea of living at all, then you might enjoy these 7 tips for how to live longer. Some of the tips are silly (Be an Ecuadoran dwarf) but some are sensible (Stay married. Really?).
  • Veggies don’t cause inflammation. Meats do. So does whipped cream. Why is that? Read this to find out, and see the short video “Dead Meat Bacteria Endotoxemia.” Sounds like the basis for a good horror movie to me.
  • We showed you how to make seed pots out of old toilet paper rolls, but have you ever considered using the rolls to make your own miniature worlds? French artist Anastassia Elias has and you can get a look at her work here. Something to take your mind off the horror movies that have become reality.
  • Deepak Chopra smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol, got stressed out and then discovered meditation?  The Deepak Chopra? That’s what the Man says.  In this piece you get those fun facts and a link to his guided daily meditations (promised to also be fun) on Deepak’s new YouTube Channel, and an invitation to take the 21-Day meditation challenge, which started on the past Monday. Perhaps you can travel back to Monday in your time machine, or don’t mind shortening the challenge, or aren’t into challenges at all. What the heck, take a look. It could change your life. Meditation changed mine.