Two-bit Guru - Friday Link List 31 - Photo of flowers in the garden - Agri-business takeover of organic food, 7 reused items for the garden, benefits of mint for radiation, cancer & IBS, whiteboard art, find a meditation practice that fits you, 5 Tibetan Rites

“Yesterday isn’t today and today isn’t tomorrow. How easily that can be forgotten.”
~Two-bit Guru

  • Oh, No! It looks like that most sacred word of the organic community, “organic” itself has been usurped by agri-business corporations, and been misused and abused so badly that the CEO of Eden Foods rides across the plains on a motorcycle to spread the truth.
  • Here are some folks after my own heart with 7 reused items for use in the garden. I’m pleased to report that their number 1 idea is one that we demonstrated in a video back in April, with a handy tool to make things more efficient. We didn’t create the basic idea, only the tool. The original idea came from a bit on
  • If you’re interested in protecting yourself against radiation or cancer or seek relief from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) this article is for you. An ordinary herb that you can easily grow yourself is the answer. One caveat about the growing: You’ll be happiest if you contain this plant because it spreads like crazy.
  • Take a classroom whiteboard, ink, brushes, paper towels, a talented stressed-out art teacher, and a 25-minute lunch break, and what do you get? Incredibly beautiful, ephemeral art, that’s what. This beautiful story from the Daily Mail includes a video.
  • On a spiritual path I feel that we ought to accept information and experiences from multiple sources rather than arbitrarily lock in on one technique, one teacher, one belief. Here’s evidence from a small study that says if our meditation isn’t working for us then we ought to find a practice that does work. Bravo! This article also explains the results from 4 different practices.
  • Years ago, I discovered The 5 Tibetan Rites, a yoga-like practice explained in a book by Peter Kelder, “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth.” Kelder tells a fascinating story of meeting a mysterious Colonel in the 1930’s who ventured to Tibet in an attempt to regain his youth. The video here is an introduction to the exercises, sans story.