Friday Link List - Two-bit Guru - - Summer Flowers - July

“It’s not about how far you get, it’s about how far you have come.” ~Two-bit Guru

  • If you want to live a long time, take this advice from a 104 year-old woman who watches her diet and stays away from doctors. This article may make you rethink the prescription drugs you might be taking.
  • The drug company that manufactures OxyContin suggests that the pain killer be used on children who suffer from moderate to severe pain. I can imagine a whole lot of kids coming down with appreciable pain once they get a taste of the effect of the drug.
  • Ever wonder why some people seem to be more susceptible to chronic pain than others? Brain scientists have shown that chronic pain depends on emotional response to an injury. Once again we learn that maybe not all of It is in your head but at least some of It is. Before we provide kids with addictive drugs we could consider working on their emotional states first, sans the drugs.
  • You’ve heard about the birds and the bees and how Things work. This article will tell you how to attract bees and other pollinators to your garden.
  • The question isn’t whether you’ve got milk but what kind is it? This gentle video favors raw  milk over processed, and with good reason. My own anecdotal evidence is that I went to school with farm kids all of whom were raised on raw milk, as were some of my relatives. They all sure seemed healthy to me.
  • Let’s say you’ve got paint in your hair, and you’ve run out of furniture polish. Solve these problems, along with 5 others, using olive oil. FYI: Nothing x-rated here.
  • It may be debatable whether a simple test can help you discover how to direct your thoughts so that you can become an Intentional Creator (wouldn’t that be nice?) One thing for sure this test is fun. You get a free assessment of which of your thoughts are helping you and which are sabotaging you. This comes from the official Og Mandino website. I read one of his most popular books years ago, “The Greatest Salesman in the World.” It’s not overly-long and it is inspirational. Having come across the link I’m going to read the book again. Here’s some of Og Mandino’s other popular books you might like.