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New stuff coming up:

  • Extensive Garden Video, Part I will be posted on July 5.
  • Movies for Saturday Night, starting on Saturday, July 7.

We’ve made a video taking a look at the garden as of June 22. It looks like we will do this in two installments with Part I posting on Thursday, July 5, and Part II posting on Monday, July 9. That’s assuming that everything goes according to plan, which it usually does. (In the meantime, take a look at the Garden Cams to see how the garden is coming along.)

What is not going according to plan is rainfall, with Me expecting a reasonable amount of it and Nature providing zero. The rain barrels are empty and with temperatures regularly in the 90’s we are watering, watering, watering, from the tap. It’s a good thing we live close to Lake Michigan because we’ve got an ample water supply. If the local government should decide to limit water usage I hope they’d recognize that a vegetable garden ought to take precedence over a lawn.

Saturday Night Movies is our new weekly segment. We’ve found a Lot of documentaries about sustainability, farming, meditation, and so on that we want to share with you. They’re all free and we think interesting, informative, and entertaining. We’ll post the movies at 8 am on Saturday mornings. Check this out on Saturday, July 7, to find out what movie we’ve selected for you. To get a taste of what’s to come, check out some of the other great documentaries we’ve previously featured.