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“The craziest ideas are often the most fun.” ~Two-bit Guru~ The concept of creating your own reality has got a pretty good grip on a sizable chunk of the human consciousness these days, although the idea has its limitations, particularly the death part. Once death sets in, your earthly reality is pretty much shot. The […]

The art collector, Herb Vogel, passed away on Sunday, July 22, 2012. He was 89. Over the course of decades, Herb and his wife Dorothy amassed a huge collection of contemporary minimalist art. They became famous, appearing on Good Morning America, 60 Minutes, interview shows, and frequently in the press. They often attended as many […]

Two-bit Guru - Friday Link List 33 - Photo of a spikey plant

“Food makes you well, or it makes you sick, depending on what you choose to eat. Simple, isn’t it?” ~Two-bit Guru~ I’d completely forgotten the name of this exercise. We did it in high school gym class. Well, here it is again, The Burpee. Ahh, nostalgia! If you live in Drummondville, Quebec, you better make […]

Two-bit Guru - Finding your life's purpose - Photo of red sky and trees at dusk

If “Where is the toilet?” is the question most often asked by all human beings in all times, everywhere, then the second most popular question must be “Why are we here?” Not “here” looking for a toilet but ”here” on this planet looking for meaning in our lives. I do believe I have come upon […]

This is a guest post by the artist, Alayna Rose. When I was a kid there were times when this feeling would come over me, surround me. I didn’t realize what was happening. All I knew is that half an hour or forty-five minutes later I felt very refreshed, rested. It was a feeling of […]

Worm tea may have had its origin in a series of eight agricultural lectures given in 1924 by the spiritual scientist, Rudolf Steiner. These teachings are available in his book “Agricultural Course: The Birth of the Biodynamic Method.” To my way of thinking, Steiner thoroughly understood the link between the spiritual and physical realms. He […]

Filmmaker and truth-seeker Roger Nygard explores the nature of existence by asking questions of just about every sort of human being you could imagine. Not only does he ask the questions but he narrates, directs, appears behind the camera, and gets a credit for editing. He is an auteur to the max. Nygard is clever, […]

Years ago, I was subject to small bouts of melancholy, then I decided not to. ~Two-bit Guru How would you like your Genetically Modified Organisms? Protected from the law and running rampant? As a means to create mutant mosquitoes? Or, scariest of all, as real, live genetically modified humans, now teenagers, the results of secret […]

Two-bit Guru - How To Organize Your Clutter - Photo of boxes used to organize junk, metal, plastic, etc.

“Trash Pickers of the world, Unite!” ~Two-bit Guru As with anything, the key to organizing clutter is to define the broad categories first, then work down to the specifics. The broadest category of junk is one big pile of stuff with everything in it. You know everything is “There.” It’s easy to find larger objects […]

“Oops.” ~Two-bit Guru In an earlier post I said today I would to tell you about how to organize your junk  but this dang rant broke loose like an oil spill and I couldn’t stop it. Organizing junk next time, or hoarding, or something. When most people think of junk they probably think of a […]