Incredible Coincidences - Two-Bit Guru - Hubble Deep Field Telescope Image of the Universe via Wikipedia and NASA

Image courtesy of Wikipedia via NASA.

“The amazing thing is these favorable coincidences keep on happening. What a coincidence!”
~Two-Bit Guru

I’ve been going around in the vortex of coincidence these days, with some degree of awe. I feel like I’ve gotten a glimpse into the workings of the universe, but it’s only a glimpse and I won’t be saying I’ve got it all figured out any time soon.

Incredible coincidences keep popping up more and more often so that I’m wondering if my thoughts are my own. Or are they someone else’s? Or were they always there like fruit hanging from the bush ready to pluck by anyone who happens upon them.

I call them “favorable coincidences” to distinguish them from events like running your bicycle headlong into a tree today and then doing the same thing again tomorrow. That would be incredible stupidity.

What’s been happening is that an idea or a chain of thoughts goes through my head and then the next day or the next hour I pick up a book and there is My Idea, thought by somebody else way ahead of me. Or I think about something I could use in the garden and my landscaping neighbor comes by and gives me the very thing I need, for free. Or I want to communicate a thought to a cohort and they say what I’m thinking before I open my mouth.

As I see it, there are three possibilities ready at hand:

  1. The more in tune with the universe one gets, the more favorable coincidences occur in one’s life.
  2. These events have been occurring all the time but we don’t notice them until we get into harmony.
  3. Prior to recognizing a coincidence, did we see forward in time and tap into an awareness of an inevitable event before it happened? That would be a coincidence that isn’t really a coincidence. Maybe none of them are.

Or there might be another dozen or so possible reasons, or more.

So far, I know that coincidences are. Period. It could be that understanding them transcends logic or explanation.