Image of Deepak Chopra courtesy of BankingBum via Wikipedia.

Whose reality is it, anyway?” ~Two-Bit Guru

I recently linked to a web site that randomly sticks words from Deepak Chopra’s Twitter stream together to create fictional quotes. The idea is that Deepak’s actual thoughts and tweets might be indistinguishable from a meaningless group of profound-sounding words. There’s even a drop down quiz challenging the reader to choose whether a given quote is real or random. It’s a creative concept and at first glance seems to be hilariously funny.

As I clicked the “Receive more wisdom” button on the home page I noticed that these fake quotes actually began to make sense. Sometimes I felt they were speaking to issues that I had recently pondered. How could that be?

Through regular meditation I find that intriguing coincidences, like the sensibility of the random quotes, occur more and more often in my life. I perceive patterns and harmonies that were heretofore not so apparent.

Lately I’ve considered whether healing can actually be accomplished by the soul influencing the physical body. It seems to happen during my morning meditations. More and more I realize the influence of the soul on the material realm, so much so that I’ve come to believe that, in general, the soul constructs great success in our lives.

As I’ve meditated over the course of years, I’ve also become aware of the power of intuition in my life. The more one tunes in to that inner calmness the more opportunities seem to arise. I’m not sure if intuition is rooted in the expansion of opportunities or if opportunities are rooted in the expansion of intuition. Most likely it’s like a dance wherein opportunity and intuition are rooted in each other.

This morning I generated four random, fictional “Deepak” quotes. One of them was “The universe inspires essential space time events,” and another was “The web of life comprehends the barrier of reality.” I can see wisdom in both of them. The other two, “The soul constructs great success,” and “Intuition is rooted in the expansion of opportunities,” appear respectively in the two preceding paragraphs. They are both sentences that relate to my recent “real-life” thoughts and meditations.

The more open we are to possibilities, the more we are able to see. I plan on visiting this site often, maybe for the laughs but more likely for the wisdom. Really.