“Waste is stupid.” ~William McDonough, architect/designer

“We can do things. It’s not dangerous for us. We can just re-invent everything in a free society, and it’s time to do so.” ~Michael Braungart, chemist

“I didn’t expect to see a feel-good movie about manufacturing.” ~Two-bit Guru

Just when we thought the future of industry was becoming bleak and more bleak along comes this video that is a 50-minute goldmine of concepts that are too good to be true. Except they are true. And they are happening now.

If waste is stupid it get’s a lot smarter with the equation, waste = food.

Heavy manufacturing hitters like Nike, Herman Miller, Ford Motors, and apparently the whole country of China, all are on board with McDonough’s and Braungart’s revolutionary and practical concepts for re-inventing our world and our place in it. Sustainably, naturally, efficiently, and joyfully.

You can learn more about McDonough’s and Braungart’s creations in their book, “Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things.