“Death: Just another one of life’s little stumbling blocks along the way.”
~Two-bit Guru

  • Six tricks for living a longer, healthier life. Our old friend Earthing shows up again in this thorough piece from Dr. Mercola. Includes a link to Dr. James Oschman (energy wizard with a PhD in biology). Dr. Mercola is a wizard in his own right.
  • Here’s a practice that connects with suffering to overcome the fear of suffering, awakening our inherent compassion. Deep stuff and at the same time a simple way to connect with all that is.
  • When I learned years ago that our bodies require a balance of sodium and potassium to regulate the transference of water into and out of our cells, I wondered why everybody was so down on common table salt (sodium chloride). Well, ha-ha, it turns out that the research against salt wasn’t all that strong and now conflicting evidence has arisen. The new information is being discounted because it seems that once we’re invested in an idea we don’t want to hear anything to the contrary.
  • If the old bean isn’t working quite right–like maybe not being able to grasp that salt isn’t as bad as you’ve believed all these years–you might want to tune the dang thing up here. Free tests to entrain your brain with offers to spend money on products that will improve brain function. Also free games and teasers.
  • One thing about TEDtalks is that you find out that there are disciplines that you never knew existed. Here’s a fascinating Talk by a neuroanatomist (see?) who had a stroke and scientifically observed the experience, and used the cognitive to transcend the cognitive to discover a most wonderful reality available to every one of us. Fascinating!
  • A long time ago I not only wondered about the war on salt, I wondered why humans, at least those that speak a language I can understand, have at one time or another declared a war on just about everything. And none of the “wars” seem to accomplish anything. This montage of wars makes you wonder: Is there something wrong with our collective brain? Could be. Maybe we could change it by taking the advice of the neuroanatomist above (without having to have a stroke).